Sunday, December 09, 2007

Sheridan College 07/08 Handbook

I forgot about this but I thought I should put it up anyways, I was asked to do the Sheridan College student agenda/planner handbook back in July. It was a fun process, going through roughs and the 'normal' process of what it takes to get artwork printed and produced. It was the first time my work has been produced in a large amount/quantity so it's been neat to see it around the school randomly!

Because Sheridan was really trying to push or build up our school spirit, I decided to use our mascot (the Sheridan Bruin/ bruin is another word for a bear apparently) but doing something not sports related, and the most contrasting thing I could think of was the Theater program Sheridan offers. I hoped this would encourage the idea of a Sheridan Bruin being more than just a sports related figure, which is the idea Sheridan was/is trying to push.



At 5:08 PM, Blogger Matthew said...

Dude, I dig your skills. Congrats on that award too man.


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